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Mary Ann Leitch

Mary Ann Leitch

Philadelphia, pa


This site lists a selection of Giclee prints with easy secure online ordering - view for originals and bodies of artwork spanning over 30 years. Contact MAL for info about originals or Giclee of any artwork other than what is currently offered at this Fine Art America site. To purchase secure the 12 minute DVD "Art by MAL - retrospectively", an artist's journey, for $30usd or any of 3 books published in 2009 thru CreateSpace, click the links on my site

Since 1975 MAL's works have brought much attention to the art viewing public. Her paintings and works on paper are collected internationally.
Emerging with the "Ladies" series, she sensuously depicted the "femme fatale" figure on large canvases with oils and on paper, pastels. These works are available today by Giclee reproduction.

To satisfy a desire to paint visual legerdemain, she produces fantasy still lifes with objects d'art. This style surfaced recently in the "Falling Fruit thru Clouds" series of paintings and pastels. A series of 12 fruits are available by Giclee archival production.

In 1986, she broke her realisism boundaries with a series of works mixing realism and abstract composition. Works on paper, "Legs and "Luvs" evolved leading to the non-representational series "Exploration". Fields of sensual color, impasto lines of movement, glimmers of glitter and cut glass jewels come together for an opulent celestial voyage. Her tones of color are uplifting and the use of mineral stones is nu-age in spirit.

She has come full circle to the "Resolution" series of abstract-realism works; combining acrylic with attachments and photo releases, & photo montage collage to include horses, riders, leaves, the sea, eco-animal awareness, title holding boxers, Atlantic City and figures on canvas and wood - on paper, using silk screen and collage. Recently, the painting series, 3 Beaches were produced with the use of multiple wood panels filled with colors of the sea, sand, sky and assorted attachments of shells, rocks, fish and people things one sees at the beach. The use of multiples, allows for assemblaging to larger works or each panel can stand on its own. Also, recent additions to the "Falling Fruit thru Clouds", as well as additions to "Eco-Animal Awareness" series.


Mystical Desert d


Falling Fruit Group


Devon Horse Show Group


Devon f


Devon e


Devon d


Devon c


Devon b


Devon a


Race St Pier


Fountain of Three Rivers


Horse n Rider


Beaches Group


Love and War Tunney


Love and War Loughran


Love and War Greb


Love and War Dempsey


Love and War Roaring 20s


Flower Gardens Montage


Flower Trios a


Flower Trios b


Flower Trios c


three beaches a


three beaches b


three beaches c